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About us

​I am Christopher Coria Vásquez (Master Coria), a 17 year old teenager with an ambition and a dream to fulfill. I was born on October 8, 1999, from the age of 9 I was interested in the subject of computer science and programming. When I turned 9 I started to explore the world of computing, I knew nothing of social networks, internet and much less programming languages, I was a very innocent and curious child.

After spending time, when I was 11, I started to explore the world of programming, it is worth mentioning that I already knew how to use basic things from computers and mobile devices, so I started programming in XHTML. I managed to create my first web page when I was 11 and a half years old, with images, videos, links, basic styles and texts. This page was uploaded and my first Host was Miarroba, with the name of

Over time I learned more, getting to programming in PHP and manage databases, with this I was able to create my first login system, so I improved my page and my contents. But when I was 14, almost to turn 15, it occurred to me to buy a domain .com (which is this), and I did, I bought one and uploaded my contents and pages. On September 7th I came up with a project, create my social network, and I did, I was working with programmers from the Elgg corporation, and today, Red Master, founded on December 20, 2014 has been a success with its Functionalities and uses. Today has been a success with all the tutorials, files and uses.

In addition, is not only programmed and manipulated by Christopher Coria, but there are also other programmers who contribute to its development and maintenance. This group of people we call it "The team of".

I hope God continues to help me to continue to innovate and continue to build and create more projects.